Jan 28, 2011

Simple Fabric Flower...Part 2

Last week I made that cute, simple fabric flower for Addie's hair.
This week I'll show you another style of flower,
equally cute, equally simple.

Start off with a scrap of fabric, trimmed into a square.
I started with a 6x6" square for my largest flower.
With the wrong side facing out, fold it in half, then turn and fold it in half again.
Mark the center.

Unfold the square and turn it so the right side of the fabric is facing down.
Take one cornerof your square, and fold it up to your marked center.
You can either stitch this in place,or you can use hot glue.
I did a couple of flowers using both methods, hot glue is quicker,
and probably easier too...but it's really a personal preference thing.

Fold each corner of the square in to the marked center and secure it however you like.

You now have four new corners. Fold each of your new corners in towards the
center of your square, and secure each of them about 1/4" from the center.

You could stop here and glue a button in the middle for a more geometric version of this flower.

Or, you could go one step further. After you've folded in your all the corners, you now have four new corners to work with. Instead of folding each corner all the way in, only fold it about 1/4" from the edge and secure it there. When you're gluing or sewing this set of corners down, be sure you glue it inside the crease. So you're really attaching it to the layer of fabric underneath the petal you're folding. Does that make sense? I hope so.
Doing this makes your flower petals stand up a little and add a little oomph!

You can make your petals stand up even more by securing this last fold closer to the center, but still between the crease of your previous fold. Play around with it and find the look you like best.

I really like the look of a button in the center, it finishes each flower off so nicely. Once I had everything figured out I turned a whole bunch of these out in no time at all.
I even layered a couple to make a two tier flower.

Now your can attach these beauties to clips or elastics for hair accessories,
attach one to a pin for a great little brooch, or sew them right onto some throw pillows to jazz things up a bit!

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your visit!

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