Feb 14, 2011

Kids Placemats

Happy Valentine's Day!

I saw a really cute idea for making placemats not too long ago.  
I've done some changing but came up with some really fun and 
helpful placemats that my kids really like.  
 I used an old placemat to get an idea for the size I wanted to go with.  
I only had 12x12" paper, so I added some paper to the outer
edges to make my placemats big enough.

To stretch the paper to the right size, I added two 3" sections on either end. 
I should have done the scalloped edge in, but wasn't thinking ahead.  
Oh well, it all worked out and it still looks great, just got to roll with it!

With some fun patterned paper, trace and cut out a place setting to fill your placemat.

Arrange it on your paper placemat as if you were setting the table.  Once you're pleased with your arrangement, use a tiny amount of glue to adhere it in place.  
At this point you can label each part of the place setting if you'd like. 

Using some clear adhesive vinyl, cover your placemat so it won't be ruined by food or beverage stains and spills.   I bought my roll of vinyl from a local office supply store for less than two dollars for the roll.

When you're covering your paper, cut a piece of vinyl that is slightly larger than your placemat.  Remove the protective backing, and lay your placemat face down onto the vinyl.  Rub the whole thing over with your hand, making sure there are no air bubbles.

Once your placemat is secured there should be some extra vinyl overhang, trim the corners and wrap the excess vinyl around the edge of your paper.  For added protection, cut a second piece of vinyl, about a half inch smaller than the measurement of your placemat.  Remove the vinyl backing and adhere this piece to the back of your placemat.

These were super quick and fun to make.  I made the first one for my daughter and my son was quick to ask if I was planning on making one for him as well.  The kids have both really liked setting the table and making sure they've got everything just in the right place, they also like reading what each of the labels say.

For the boy version I added some graffiti-ish doodles to make it a little more masculine.  
I wish I'd have though of that before I covered the girlie one, 
I would have liked to add some little girlie doodles like hearts and butterflies. 

I hope you have as much fun with this as I did, and that your kids like them too!  

Thanks for coming by!

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