Mar 20, 2011

An Inspired Family Portrait

A couple of weeks ago I popped by the blog of one of my fave blogger friends, Marilyn of The ArtsyGirl Connection.

Each Sunday she puts up a wordless post and a picture that captures what's on her heart.  I was so inspired by this picture she posted of her family, I had to do my own version. 

While my shoes aren't quite as fabulous as Marilyn's, I still love this idea.  It's a quick snapshot of our lives right precious those tiny little shoes are!  

Sorry I broke your "Soundless Sunday" rule Marilyn, but thank you for the wonderful inspiration!

I hope to see you all here tomorrow for Make A Mess Monday,


angie said...

what a great picture to capture your stage of life! i may have to take one of those too :)
thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi ~ i really appreciate it!!

Jen said...

Thanks for visiting Angie, I'd love if you'd hop on board and follow along!

Marilyn said...

:)) I absolutely HEART this SO much Jen.. How terrific.. I LOVE it.. ((thanks for the shout out)). I'm really loving that you captured this moment portraying your family. It's beautiful.. Yaaaye! So excited to know you where inspired by the photo.. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

Jen said...

I'm so glad you like it Marilyn! Thanks for the inspiration!