Mar 7, 2011

*Make A Mess Monday* Springtime Planters

Welcome to my very first Make A Mess Monday!  I am SO excited to get started with this series!  My goal here isn't necessarily mind-blowing tutorials, but really just ideas on different activities and crafts you can do with your little ones.  My kids are 4 1/2, 2 1/2, and 7 months, so the crafts and activities will be geared mostly in their age ranges.  I hope this series inspires and encourages you to have fun with your kids, get creative, and grow fantastic memories. 

We decided to go ahead and get a start on spring around here by planting some grass.  I bought Terra cotta pots and saucers on sale from Wal-Mart for the kids broke out the paints for them to have a ton of fun.  I'll admit, there were a few moments where I nearly had a heart attack, what with the paint a-flyin' and all, but the kids had so much fun and that was the point of this whole exercise.

Make sure you layer wax paper or news paper or something to make clean up easy and protect your table while the kiddo's are painting.  It'll make life SO much easier!

Let them get creative and paint however they want.  I thought it was so much fun to see how each of their pots was unique and so "them".

I inverted their pots so they could see their surface easier.
Once Bo and Addie's masterpieces were all dry we further decorated their pots with ribbon and buttons.  You could also add silk flowers, ric-rac or other kinds of trim, stickers, foam letters, the options are endless!  If you just aren't ready to whip out the paint for your munchkins, you could decorate your pots with some of these accessories and still have great looking and personalized pots.

Once the kids were pleased with how everything looked and the glue had dried I took a deep breath and opened a bag of potting soil.  Our plan was to plant Cat Grass, but you could pretty much do anything you like.  We chose Cat Grass because it would look nice and springy, and it will hopefully be long enough to hide some treats in come Easter time.

I was just explaining to the kids what the plan was with the dirt, warning them to be careful and try to keep the dirt in their pots when the above happened.  Bo was so excited and got a little carried away with the spoon we were using to scoop dirt into the pots.  We had a good laugh and carried on.

I split the package of Cat Grass seeds between the two of them and they had lots of fun sprinkling the seeds on top of their dirt and poking each seed down with their fingers.  Yes, things got a little messy, but we all had so much fun playing with the dirt and getting creative.  Plus, when all was said and done, the kids did the majority of the clean up.  Boden and Addie both took turns vacuuming and wiping the table down.  
I'll be sure to post an update once their seeds sprout.  Until then, have fun and make a mess!

 I'm so glad you came by today, 


Marilyn said...

What a cute inspiration -- adorably messy & meaningful.hehee. Might get the kids into somthing like this over the weekend..So springy!! *Lovely start to your Messy Monday's theme* Can't wait to see more ;))

Jen said...

Thanks Marilyn, good to see you again! I've got a whole list of "make a mess monday" ideas that I'm really looking forward to digging in to, so it should be a fun series to continue with. My kids grass just poked through the dirt this morning and they were SO excited! They're having so much fun watching the growth and watering their little sprouts!

Marilyn said...

I'm excited to get to see more.. I'm certainly trying this with the kids on Friday :)) ((you really should start a link party -- It'll motivate "loving the idea friends like MOI" ;)) & we can all participate. ;)) LOVE IT!!! ;)))

Jen said...

Lol! I'd love to do a link party, though I think I need a *few* more followers before I get started with something like wouldn't be much fun if only 3 or 4 people enter stuff!

Claire said...

Great idea for the kiddos-Happy Spring-I'm a new follower-stop on over!

Jen said...

Welcome here Claire!