Mar 30, 2011

Quick & Simple Memo Board

I feel like I haven't done a tutorial on here for a long time...time to amend that situation!  

I whipped this sweet little memo board up in no time.  This is a quick project that adds a fun and personal punch to any room.

I started with a thrift store frame that cost me a whopping 20 cents.  I painted it brown and roughed it up a little with some sand paper.  My frame didn't come with a back, so I cut out some cardboard from a cereal box to use as the frame backing.  

Either using some heat-n-bond, hot glue, or craft glue, adhere some cute fabric or craft paper to your frame backing.  I used heat-n-bond and it worked great!

 Cut three equal lengths of craft twine.  Cut them long enough that they're about 2 inches longer than your frame backing.  

Evenly mark three dots on the frame backing, this is where you're going to glue your craft twine across.  Adhere the twine to the backing with hot glue.  Once the glue has dried, trim the excess twine.

Fit and secure the backing into the frame.

Using clothes pins, hang up and display snapshots, notes, lists, reminders or coupons.

And that's it!  A quick and simple project that you can put together in minutes!

Have fun and enjoy!  

Be blessed,


Ayne said...

I think thats my old frame! Ha ha. I bought it to do some type of craft, had it for a good year, and decided someone else might make good use of it. Looks like I was right! Love it!

Jen said...

Ha! That's too funny! I've had it in my closet for at least 3 months, intending to do something with it but always forgetting about it. Glad I finally used the poor thing!

Renee said...

JEN... that picture of J. Oh. my. gracious. ADORABLE!!!

Angie @ Thrifty Like Me said...

Love this! Think I'm gonna have to make one myself, so cute!

Thanks for stopping by Thrifty Like Me. I'm following ya! Love your blog!