Apr 14, 2011

Child's Artwork Display

Yes!  Another check mark on the list of projects I'm trying to complete!

This was a super quick, inexpensive project I put together for Addie's room.  Her room, by the way, is oh-so-close to being complete!  I've got one more project to wrap up and then her room is done as can be...hooray!  I got the idea from Ana-White.com, and if you haven't visited there, boy, are you missing out.  Ana's got an amazing website brimming with gorgeous ideas for affordable build-it-yourself home decor and furniture. Her site boasts beautiful plans for practically any furnishing you can possible imagine, big or small, elaborate or simple, modern or country.  Definitely take the time to stop by her site and drool over her amazing style and fabulous plans!

As I was saying, this is my inspiration from Ana White:

Isn't this genius?!?  Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best!
So to start you'll need a yard stick.  I found mine at our thrift store...surprise, surprise!
I covered my yard stick with some of the same scrapbooking paper I used here in Addie's girlie frames.  I cut it into strips the same width of my yard stick, then used Mod Podge to stick them in place. 

I looked and looked at all our local and not-so-local craft stores and I just couldn't find the jumbo clothespins that Ana used for her project, so I just had to be satisfied with plain old, regular bamboo clothespins.  No biggie. 
Using my hot glue gun I glued each clothespin down onto my yardstick.  You could get all crazy and measure before you glue them down...but I didn't.  Ana painted her clothespins before she screwed them to her yardstick, which is totally cute, I just liked the natural look of leaving mine plain.
If you're getting lazy and gluing your clothespins on like I did, be sure you glue them fairly high up on the clothespin itself.  If you glue them too close to the middle, the pressure you put on them when opening the clothespin will cause it to separate from the yardstick. 

Then simply screw that little lovely to the wall and your kiddo's will be all set to display their creativity!

Addie's got all kinds of her artwork up in her room, it's such a great spot for her to show off her stuff and admire her hard work.  And, not that I mind having my kids' crafts hanging on my fridge, but it sure helps my kitchen feel less cluttered when I can actually see my refrigerator!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Be blessed,


Amanda said...

Love it! Definitely adding that to my list..

Marilyn said...

Lovely Idea Jen.. So super CAAAUUUTE!! ;))

Sara @ Mom Endeavors said...

That is very cute--and SUCH a versatile idea! Thanks for commenting on my "takeaways" post. I actually wanted to email you back, but you're a "noreply" commenter & I couldn't find your contact info on the blog. Would love to talk to you about something-please send me an email! Thanks! :)

h. rae said...

That's so cute! What a lovely idea!

Brian and Melissa Degelder said...

ooo... I saw this on Ana White too and I totally wanted to do it, and I'm sure I will once I get some artwork from my little girl! :)

Lesley said...

This is beautiful! I love the simplicity of it.

Melanna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Cute place you have over here with some great ideas. :)

Jessie said...

Thank you for visiting my blog:) I really love your artwork display idea. It seems like my fridge is always overflowing, so I am definitely going to steal it;)

Jill @ Just Dream, Jelly Bean! said...

Hi Jen! Thanks for stoppin by my lil blog...'Just Dream, Jelly Bean!
This idea is awesome and super cute for my kiddos...thank you!
Luvin your blog and now your newest follower!

much love...

Last Minute Mel said...

Super Idea Jen...love how it turned out...and love your blog :)