Apr 12, 2011

Spring Feature - The ArtsyGirl Connection

Hey Gang!  If you came by to check up on what kind of craftiness I've been up to, I've got a very special treat for you!  I'm actually over at The ArtsyGirl Connection sharing a great tutorial on a beautiful spring centerpiece, and Marilyn from The ArstyGirl Connection is here to show us how she made this stunning spring welcome wreath.  So without further delay, take it away Marilyn!

My Spring 
Wreath Tutorial

I am VERY pleased to be featured today for my lovely 
tutorial on a *Spring Welcome Wreath* I created for my doorway. 
I am Marilyn next door from  The ArtsyGirl Connection *Waving*

I'm actually a BIG fan of "I can't stop crafting" - I genuinely
come by almost every post of Jen's to read her lovely and 
beautiful tutorials! Being here is exciting and I'm very 
grateful to Jen for having me..

I am a bit of a craftaholic, and lovely home maker to my beautiful family 
of four <~Two munchkins (shhh - don't tell my !10yr old! I called him a 
munchkin, but he is to ME always, and my 1yr old cutie pie), hubs to 
be and a rather moody kitty!! I love making practical things to add a
touch of season to our home. Since it's spring, t'was fitting to 
spring up our doorway in a lovely way to say "Welcome Home"

Springing Into The Tutorial......

Artsy Items Needed
Glue Gun
Branch (craft store $2.99)
Flowers (you can use whatever kind you'd like)

Lets Get Crafting 

To begin, I took the branch I bought and laid 
it on a clean hard surface. I heated up my glue 
gun and took the flowers off the stems.
(You should be able to wiggle off the flowers 
from their stems very easily for placement)

Once I had enough flowers set aside, I started 
to spring up my branch.

Flowers Removed From Branches And Ready For Wreath..
I glued on the moss in patches all along the branch gently. 
There's really no perfect way to do this to be honest, go with 
your artsy eye and continue until it looks great to you. I 
decided to stop a little before the top to allow the top of the 
branch to remain bare and feature only flowers without 
the moss, and do the same for the bottom. 

To glue on moss, simply apply glue to the branch where you'd like
the moss to lay and press the moss on tightly for a sec. VOILA!

I am VERY impatient (laughs) ~ Hence, I didn't actualy wait to 
completely finish laying out my moss before I begun to lay out 
my flowers. I layed it out as I went along!! (BUT incase you can wait,
then the step above will be totally be your process before starting to
lay out your beautiful flowers along your moss filled branch!!)

Now that your branch is all set and ready to be flowered, you can begin 
to layout your flower. To start, apply your glue gently to the moss where you
would like the flower to hang, gently press the flower in the direction you'd
like and press down for a few seconds. It should stay on firmly when you let go. 

Continue to apply your flowers and build on until your 
branch is covered up and down with flowers in a 
beautiful order satisfactory to you.

*Moss sheds very easily, so incase a piece falls off (this 
actually didn't happen at all as the glue held it on the 
branch very securely), simply glue it back on.*

After I applied the flowers to the sections of the branch where I layed 
my moss previously, I glued on more flowers to the portion of the 
branch that I left uncovered. I simply added the glue 
on in little portions and stuck the flowers on carefully.

(*Be Careful during this phase as the 
glue + your fingers = getting burned VERY easily*)

Once you lay your flowers on  ~ You are practically done!!!
Give your branch a once over to make sure it looks full and pretty 
where necessary..It's ready to HANG on your front door with a 
welcome sign ushering in lots of S P R I N G!!

Thank you so MUCH Jen for having me here again today.
I sincerely appreciate it and hope you enjoyed my tutorial...

Spring into SPRING & be sure to stop by and visit sometime...
Sincerely ~Mariyn ---The ArtsyGirl Connection


Isn't that great?!?  I love that Marilyn's creation isn't a typical wreath at all, and aren't you drooling over her glue gun like I am?  How sweet!  Thanks for coming by to share such a great idea with us Marilyn!  And thanks to each of you for stopping by and sharing part of your day here with me, I appreciate it!

Be blessed,


Marilyn said...

Yaaaaye -- Thank YOU so MUCh again for having me Jen - Hope you enjoyed my tutorial (ps: I purchased that glue gun for $3 at Michaels craft store with a coupon - LOVE IT!!). You simply R O C K for having me... I can't express enough thank you's. ;))

Audrey said...

Hi Marilyn
I am going to make one for my door!
Thank you

J A C Q U E L I N E said...

Super Cute!!!! I love how simple the project is!

Marilyn said...

TY Audrey & Jacqueline.. :)) U guys are awesome for stopping by ;))

Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous! I love the look of this non traditional wreath!!

h. rae said...

That's lovely! I've enjoyed both of your creations!

Marilyn said...

Thank you ladies :))

Janna said...

Hi Jen, Thanks for commenting on my blog. I looked through several of your posts and am amazed at how crafty you are. Nice to meet you!