Apr 2, 2011

Spring Wreath...With A Twist

I'm so excited about today's craft.  Like, so excited.
We have slowly been adding the finishing touches to Addie's room and it seems to have taken on a little bit of a garden theme, which I am loving.  I started with these girlie frames, added some cute little flowery pots from my decorating stash, and a little shelf that we pulled from another room in our house.  It's really starting to come together, but I think one or two more little finishing touches will really push her room from okay to amazing.  

I've had this large wreath in my closet for quite some time, using it here and there, then taking the decorations off and using it for something else.  I bought it on sale for $1.00 about a year ago...well worth the dollar if you ask me!  This wreath turned out to be the perfect size for today's project.

To complete this project you'll need, 

-a large wreath
-some dollar store bouquet filler, pussy willows, and silk flowers
-embellishments such as little butterflies or birds
-a hot glue gun
-fishing line to hang

Heat up your glue gun and pull apart the bouquet filler.  Arrange the filler throughout your wreath as you please, hot gluing it sporadically for security.  Do the same with the pussy willows.

Pull the flower blossoms off the stems and hot glue them in clusters all over the wreath.  Be sure to step back occasionally and look at your wreath to see if there are any sparse areas that need to be filled in a little bit.

Finally, add embellishments to give an extra-cute oomph to the wreath.  The butterflies I used came already attached to wires, so that made it super easy for me to attach them to the wreath.  I really like how they stood away from the wreath, making it look like they were fluttering around admiring the flowers.

Here comes the twist.  Instead of hanging this pretty little project like one normally would, I decided to hang this wreath mobile-style just under Addie's light.  Here's how it turned out:

I don't know how this could have turned out any better...Addie and I both absolutely love it!  

Zach helped me hang it directly from Addie's light fixture using fishing line.  Don't worry, nothing is close enough to the actual light to cause any problems, and we can easily remove the shade to change light bulbs.  If you'd like to hang your wreath from your light fixture, make sure that nothing is resting against the bulb, and that your fixture is strong enough to handle the extra weight.  If your light fixture just wouldn't work well for this project, I think this could be equally lovely hanging mobile style in a corner, or in traditional wreath fashion wherever you please.  

For the amount of pop this wreath packs, it took very little time to put together and cost me about $5.00.  I hope you like my spring wreath with a twist, have a great weekend! 

Be blessed,

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Krysti said...

What a cool idea. It's so pretty. Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I am new follower.
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Chels said...

That is such a cute idea, I love it!!!

Marilyn said...

Soo pretty Jen, I love it!! Its soo refreshing and beautiful.. :))

Jen said...

Thanks ladies!

h. rae said...

It is lovely! I like the idea of hanging it from the ceiling as well. You did a fantastic job on it!

petite hermine said...

Such a great idea! Your pearl necklace project has been featured in my Sunday Linky this week! Thanks for sharing! :) And check it out here: http://petitehermine.blogspot.com/2011/04/sunday-linky-party-9-goodies.html

Jen said...

Wow! Thanks so much for featuring me, I really wasn't expecting that!

Megan said...

very pretty. what a great idea to hang over the light!


Life In The Thrifty Lane said...

WOW, what a grea idea you had! Looks so good! Thank you for stopping by today :)

AmieAnn said...

I love this! And what a great way to display.. on the ceiling! Very clever! Hope you will share with my Pink Hippo Party @ http://pinkapotamus.blogspot.com/2011/04/pink-hippo-party-23.html

Renee said...

LOVE IT Jen! Wonderful, wonderful idea... it helps give Addie's room that extra girly touch that you were wanting! You are just so delightfully creative my friend!

Sue@creativetryals.blogspot.com said...

Is that ever lovely and I love the twist! I am a follower now.
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Amy Gilman and Emily Lee (Sisters of the Wild West) said...

thanks for your sweet comments on our blog. Love this idea. Very unique. We are new followers

southernscraps said...

This is a very creative idea. I'm beginning to see the mobile idea in a few places and I love it. And that is definitely a dollar well spent!

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

What a fun idea! I love how it turned out. Visiting from Show and Tell at Blue Cricket.
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Steph said...

Hi Jen! Congrats on being featured as well and thanks for stopping by! What a great idea. There's an ugly light fixture in our playroom that could use a makeover with a wreath. Thanks for sharing!