Apr 11, 2011


Hello out there!  
So...you may have noticed there is no Make A Mess Monday post up today.  That's because there is not going to be a Make A Mess Monday post today.  
Oops, I didn't plan ahead too well...sorry!

Tomorrow however, there is going to be a great guest post happening here, and I'll be posting over at The ArtsyGirl Connection, so you've got no need to worry about not having anything to do this week.  Sorry for the interruption to our regular programming, be sure to check back tomorrow for some great, simple projects to spruce up your homes!

Thanks for understanding, 

Be blessed,


Marilyn said...

I can't wait --- "squeeeeeals" yaaaaye!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Shannon Olson said...

Thank you for the comment on Girls Gone Bloggin!
Your blog is great I plan on stopping by regularly =)