Jun 8, 2011

Boys Treasure Belts

Earlier this week I shared about Boden's treasure hunter themed birthday party.  The treasure hunt Zach and I planned out was a huge success and all the little boys had a hoot running around our yard following their treasure map.  

In preparation for the treasure hunt, I sewed each of the boys a quick belt with spots to stash their loot.  I'd like to apologize in advance though, since I forgot to take some of the step-by-step pictures.  Let's just pretend I did and you can use you imaginations, works for me!

I used 1 inch wide polypropylene straps I bought at Wal-Mart to construct the belts.

I cut each belt into 26" lengths, but go ahead and measure your little one's waist to make sure the belt will work for them.     

Then I cut a 3" section of Velcro, pinned and sewed it in place on the belt.

Here's where you'll have to use your imagination.  Using some scrap flannelette I had on hand, I cut two 7 x 6" squares.  Really, most any fabric should work for sewing the pocket.  Place the squares right sides together, sew along three side, leaving one side completely open. 

On the open side of the square, fold a 1/4" of the top edge over twice and stitch in place.  Trim the bottom two corners and turn the pocket right side out.  I added velcro as a closure on the pocket so the boys' treats wouldn't fall out, but that's totally optional.  I also added a button purely as decoration.  Pin the pocket to the belt wherever desired and sew in place.

Using some 1/2" wide grosgrain ribbon, I added a couple of loops onto the belt for a place to slip the flashlight and fishing net into.  If you'd like to do the same, measure the circumference of the handle of your flashlight, fishing net, or whatever you'd like to be able to hang from the belt, and divide your number in half, then add about an inch for seam allowance.  For example, if I've got a flashlight that measured 4" around, I'd really want a piece of ribbon 3" long.  Fold the cut edges of your ribbon under and sew it in place, making sure your flashlight fits in the loop before you stitch.  

Is this confusing?  I feel like I'm talking in circles.  This project really is super simple to whip up, I promise.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask them in the comments section below, I'll do my best to clarify any confusion.  

And here are the finished belts!  

These were such a hit at the party, I'm glad I put in the effort and made one for each of the boys.  Really, it took about a half an hour, so that's not bad at all!  

We're getting closer and closer to the big draw for those adorable booties I'm giving away.  Be sure to enter your name in the comments section here!

Be blessed,

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Marilyn said...

I SUPER LOVE THIS JEN!!! So unique and creative : ) ) The bday bash activities looked so cool and one of a kind :)) LOVE IT!!