Jul 26, 2011

Buttons & Lace Hair Barrette

Hello again!  Welcome to I Can't Stop Crafting!  
The other day, while perusing Pinterest I came across this surprisingly sophisticated hair accessory.

Who knew buttons could look so chic?  

It looked so simple, I figured I'd try making my own.

Here's what you'll need:

A scrap of felt, preferrably close in color to the buttons you'll be using
A handful of buttons
A hair barrette
A hot glue gun
And, optional, some scraps of lace

Start by cutting two small ovals of felt.  The first oval needs to be big enough to cover the top of your barrette, the second oval will be trimmed to fit later.

Take one of the felt ovals and cut lace to fit over top, letting the lace hang over the edge of the felt.  Hot glue the lace in place.

Don't mind my sloppy gluing, it'll all get covered with buttons yet!

Lay the buttons you've chosen out on the felt and lace, playing around with your arrangement until you're please with the look.  Glue each button in place.

Now, grab that second oval of felt and the barrette.  Cut your oval down so that it fits under the top bar of the barrette, and glue it in place.

Squeeze a strip of glue along the top of the barrette and around the surface of the circle of felt already attached to the barrette.  Press your button-covered felt onto the barrette.

The two layers of felt sandwich the barrette in place for added stability.

Let the glue dry completely, then try on your new hair accessory!

It turns out that the hardest part of this project was taking pictures of my own head.
Taking pictures of your head is optional.

See you again soon!

Be blessed,

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Trish said...

oh, that's very cute! those would make great gifts!

Karen said...

Cute! I just may have to get a hot glue gun...
(nice haircut by the way)

Jamie said...

Those are just plain awesome!!! I want to make some right now!

Jen said...

Well thank you Trish, Karen and Jamie! Yes, these would make great gifts, they're super quick to make, and thanks for noticing the haircut, Karen!

Jen said...

Hang on just one second here...KAREN!!! You don't have a hot glue gun?!?!?! That is possibly the most bizarre thing I've heard all day, they're definitely worth the $10-ish dollar investment!

h. rae said...

Very cute, Jen! I personally prefer larger hair doo-dads, but that's probably because my hair is knee-length and when I fix it up, it's large in and of itself. Buttons can make darling accessories, that's for sure!

anna said...

This is just gorgeous. I find lots of crafting inspiration at pinterest too. Love your work.

Karen said...

Is it really THAT bizarre?! I know, I know...how I've survived this long without one is beyond me. I guess I should 'get with the times' eh? haha.

Jen said...

Ah, yes Karen, it is THAT bizarre. And h.rae, your hair is to your knees? Oh you really ought to post at least one picture of yourself!

Lindsay said...

Super cute! I love buttons, you did a really great job with it!