Jul 11, 2011

I Have A Problem

As the title of this post states, I have a problem.

Boden and Addie never did this, and now Judson's got me stumped.

Can anyone tell me, what is the attraction here?

Does anyone have a great trick to curb his appetite?

It seems every time I turn around he's found something new to try and I've gotta say, it grosses me out!

Hopefully it's just a phase.

Oh, by the way, I won't be around here too much this week.  Bo and Addie are starting swimming lessons and I'm anticipating a mighty busy stretch of days!  I'll hopefully get to pop in, but we'll see how much crafty time I can squeeze in!  Have a wonderful week!

Be blessed,


Liz said...

Jen, I have 4 boys and one out of the four always put everything he touched in his mouth.He even got a grasshopper in his mouth once, before I reacted quickly enough to stop him! I do think it is a stage. I did read somewhere that some pregnant women eat dirt and even pieces terra cotta pots, because they are low in iron . Not sure if that is the real cause of them eating that or not. So maybe that might be true for kids too! LOL!

Have fun at swimming lessons. I take mine next week.


Marilyn said...

OMG -- too funny.. He's too cute.. But that habit has TO STOpp.. lol.. Have a great time swimming.. take lots of pictures girlie :))

Karen said...

Oh Jud...I'm sure Easton would be right there with him if he'd be mobile. Since I have to constantly stop him from eating grass I'm scared to put him near dirt!

h. rae said...

He's such a cutie! Love the photography, Jen! I hope he got his mouth washed out from whatever that was! :) Looks like he was having a good time though!

Jen said...

Thanks Wonderful Ladies! At some point I'm sure it will stop...until then we've got to watch him like a hawk!

Katy said...

Oh how funny! What a cutie he is!