Sep 22, 2011

Living Room Closet {Redone}

We live in a pretty typical 60's bungalow.

You know the type, tiny main entrance, small yet functional kitchen, and the front door leading directly into the main living area of the house.

Because of the oddly placed front door in our living room, we also have an oddly placed front closet.  Until now our front closet has hardly been functional.  For awhile I had out of season coats hanging in there, but it's not really big enough to fit everyone's jacket.  I also had a small bookcase in the closet for a time, keeping all the kids books, but still, much of the closet was wasted.  And most recently, the poor closet has been a home to our puzzles and games on the very top shelf...and then a bunch of blankets were piled on the floor.  So. Much. Wasted. Space.

Finally, we decided to let the entry closet idea go and fully embrace the storage we'd been overlooking.  This past weekend Zach hung brackets and shelves for me to fill with decorating supplies, kids toys and crafts, games, puzzles, and anything else I care to squeeze behind it's bi-fold door. 

Woo!  Look at all that extra storage!

And I've still got room to spare!

I'd hesitated at putting shelves in this closet prior to this, simply because that's not the original intention for the closet.  BUT, since it was rarely used, I have zero regrets about changing a few things up!

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Be blessed,


Marilyn said...

Great re-do Jen..I love it..well put together..:))

Stacey said...

Our closet it exactly the same idea, lol. It stores out of season coats, games and puzzles, and blankets on the floor :) Not sure I could give up that storage yet. I have no where else to hang the coats!

Jen said...

Stacey, I've got a long closet hanging rod in our laundry room, so all out of season coats make their way downstairs...without that I don't know where the out of season stuff would go!

h. rae said...

Great work on adding those shelves! I love organization!