Oct 13, 2011

Robot Ballarina Costume

Is it just me or has October been flying by, far too fast?  Suddenly it's October 13th and I haven't got one costume done...time to get a move on!  

Addie is not the girliest of little girls.  Perhaps it's because she has no sisters, perhaps it's because her big brother is constantly playing racing, super hero's, or racing super hero's and she just gets sucked into the hubbub, or maybe that's just her.  Whatever it is, I'm fine with her tom-boyish-ness.  I like that she can hardly contain herself when I pull out a new dress for her to wear, and I equally like her excitement over playing cars with Boden.  In fact, this morning at breakfast she refused to answer to her name, she was only "X-Girl" and she had her angry eyebrows on to prove it!  And so, in the perfect marriage of pure boy and super girlie, her costume this year will be a Robot Ballarina!  Perfection, I tell you!

Before I get to the fun part, I've got a quick disclaimer for you:  I was not very good at taking step by step pictures as I made her costume.  By "not very good" I mean, I didn't take any.  Oops.

I started by cutting armholes and a curve for her next in a cardboard box.  I made sure that when I cut the armholes, I cut them on the generous side so she can wear something nice and warm under her costume.  Some years Halloween gets pretty chilly here, north of the border. 

  I covered the robot bodice with plain, 100% cotton broadcloth that I'd had from a previous project.  I used hot glue to secure the fabric to the box...no need to get too fancy here. 

Then I cut l-o-o-o-ng strips of white tulle, and ruffled them using just a needle and thread...I didn't feel like hauling out my sewing machine.  Then I attached the ruffled tulle to the bottom edge of Addie's robot costume using hot glue.

Then I added buttons and labelled their purposes, and added some cute robot-y details.

The buttons read: On/Off, Jump, Dance, Twirl
The dial reads: Sweet, Cute, Extra Cute, Dangerously Cute

And here is the finished product:

All in all, I put her costume together in one nap time (score!) and she's super excited about her sweet costume!

What kind of costumes are you whipping up for Halloween?

Be blessed,

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Jessica at Me Sew Crazy said...

This costume cracked me up - very creative :)

Marilyn said...

super adorable.. lol.. She's so CAUUUUTE.. LOVE this Jen..

Karen said...

LOVE it!! I haven't even thought about costumes yet...I better get on that.

Mel the Crafty Scientist said...

She's SO adorable! I love this costume too and it looks like she is having a blast showing it off for the photoshoot!

Just discovered your blog via The Creative Paige and I love it! I'm your newest follower and having a blast exploring your blog!

-Mel the Crafty Scientist

Aimee said...

How incredibly fun to have a friend from Canada!!! I'm your newest "follower." -"Follow" me back, okay. I can't stand it how cute your little girl is and her costume is super creative!!!

Aimee @ ItsOverflowing

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Ohhh my goodness how adorable and creative!!

Yes October has been flying believe it is already the 18th tomorrow~!