Oct 25, 2011

{Three Things} Autumn Edition

I tried something new the other day.

I canned salsa.

Wow, was it ever a lot of work, more than I anticipated.  By the end of the day I was absolutely exhausted.  My back hurt, my feet hurt, and I smelled...salsa-y.

Also by the end of the day I had a counter full of popping salsa jars, what a beautiful sound!  This was my very first time actually canning something, following the canning rules.  I heated, I boiled, I poured, wiped, and processed. 

And now I'm just so dang proud of myself.

I learned a lot, and I'll do a few things differently next year, but I'm already scheming about the different things I'd like to try and a few tweaks I'd make to the recipe I followed.

{Looking Forward}

Has anyone else started the hunt-and-gather dance in preparation for Christmas?

I've slowly been planning and preparing and I've got lots more to do.  I'm trying to take a more organized approach to Christmas this year, and not scramble to finish in the last week before all the festivities begin

I think I might even do a bit of Christmas baking this year.  I usually don't bother since there are so many treats every which way a girl turns, and I don't want to be stuck eating it all!  I think it would be fun to do some special Christmas baking with the kids, though.  I remember dipping chocolates with my mom as a little girl, and I'd love to do the same with my own children.


Something about this time of year brings an odd desire out in me.

It happens each year, later in autumn.  Suddenly I am flooded with the desire to learn how to cross stitch.  Don't make fun of me

I think this might just be the year that I finally give in and give it a try.  I'm excited about this, and I'll be sure to keep you all up to date on my cross stitching adventures!

Well those are my {three things} that have been on my mind, what are yous?

Be blessed,

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A Cup of Sparkle said...

Salsa looks great!!! Good luck in your new adventures. Have fun!