Nov 28, 2011

Frosted Winter Wreath

Wanna hear something funny that is totally unrelated to this post?  

Every once in awhile I'll be typing in my blog URL or my blog email address, and I'll mistype it to say
"I Can Stop Crafting".  I give a little chuckle each time it happens.
Not that funny?  Okay, I'll move on then.

Last week I was browsing blogs, checking out some really great posts when I came across this post from Sparkle.

I'm quite certain that Jessa is a genius, 'cause I am in love with her brilliant idea!  She took some tree branches, sprayed 'em with spray adhesive, and rolled them in epsom salts.  Could it get any easier?

I figured I could totally do just that, but as tends to happen in the blog world, Jessa's idea gave me a different idea.  I wondered what it would look like if I were to do the same thing Jessa did, only to a wreath instead.  Here is the fabulousness that followed:

To create a frosted wreath for yourself, you just need to grab a bare wreath, spray it with spray glue and rub it in a pile of epsom salt.  Let it dry, then take it outside and tap off the excess salt that isn't totally stuck to your wreath.

Then do the same with a handful of pine cones,

and a handful of glass ornaments.

Then arrange the pine cones and ornaments however you like and hot glue each one in place.  I also added a few fresh cut sprigs from our cedar tree in the backyard. 

And that, my friends, is that.  

Be blessed,

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h. rae said...

Fabulous, as usual, Jen! Thanks for linking up! I misspell my URL too, but I usually just miss an "l" or something. :)

Racheal said...

This is my absolute favorite post yet. I love this - it is so beautiful!!!

Jill said...

Now that is super creative! Looks so real :)
-Jill @ Junky Vagabond

Jessa said...

It's gorgeous! I'm so proud to have inspired you!!!

Linda :) said...

LOVE IT!!! What a great idea!!! I will be trying this one!!!! I just found your site am your newest follower and linked up my project :) Thanks for hosting....


Coleen McCrea Katz said...

Epsom salts!!! OMG!!! Brilliant!!! I lost several of my hand made wreaths to a plumbing issue this year. I will definitely be using this technique!!! Thanks for posting it!!!

Stopping by from the Shady Porch blog hop.

Marilyn said...

Absolutely beautiful.. Looks really awesome. : )) I would LOVE if you could please stop in and linky this terrific feature via my Pin’Inspirational Party happening today pweease… .. THANK YOU SO MUCH.. Wishing you an incredible start to your weekend.. Sincerely ~ M

adventuresindinner said...

VERY funny story ;-) So glad that you came back to Pin'Inspiration Thursday.

Rachel Lynn said...

I love this idea! So many possibilities!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, very pretty wreath!

Elizabeth said...

Lovely wreath! You did a great job! Thanks so much for linking up to Made With Love! I'm featuring you on the FB page today!

Janel@hatingmartha said...

oh I know just what to do with that grapevine wreath that has been sitting around. Thanks so much for linking this up with Hating Martha...I really appreciate it!

Marilyn said...

Thanks SO much for linking to Pin'Inspirational Thursday's last week Jen.. This is SO awesome.. I love it.. Hope you can come back this evening and link up again.. xoxox.. Marilyn