Dec 20, 2011

Citrus Sea Salt Hand Scrub

Christmas will be here within a week, can you believe that?  It seems the whole of December has whizzed by far too fast and now Christmas is nearly here!  I'm so excited to spend relaxed time with our families and to just slow down a little.  Oh, it'll be wonderful!  What about Christmas excites you the most?  

Boden will have a nice little Christmas break, and I'm over-the-moon-excited to have him home with us for a couple of weeks, oh the fun we'll have!  With his last day of school drawing closer I figured it was high time to make a little something for his teacher, as a thank you for all her hard work.  Enter the Citrus Sea Salt Hand Scrub.  Yum, it smells like a delicious drink one might be served while sitting on a hot sandy beach.  Plus, it leaves one's hands feeling fresh and oh-so-soft.

To make a hand scrub you'll need two basic ingredients, then you can switch it up very easily.  To make one jar you'll need one cup of sea salt, and three generous tablespoons of olive oil.  

Mix these two ingredients together in a measuring cup or bowl.

Now you can add that citrusy punch with the juice of any citrus fruit.  I used two limes and one lemon, as well as the zest from the fruit as well.  This would smell heavenly using other citrus fruits like grapefruit and oranges as well.  Mix it all together.

Some variations could be adding a few drops of peppermint extract and a couple of crushed candy canes,  or a few dashes of cinnamon and cloves, or a few drops of almond extract paired with vanilla would be lovely as well.  Play around with it a little and I'm sure you'll find just the right combination for you.

Once it's all mixed up, just scoop the scrub into a cute little jar, add a gift tag or label and share it with a friend! 

There was just enough left over for me to try it out and oh my, it felt so good, and it smelled even better!  I hope you enjoy making a few last-minute hand scrubs to share with someone you love!
Be blessed,

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Lesley said...

Yum! Come share this on my blog this Thursday at my party! I know everyone would love to check it out!

h. rae said...

Wow! It sounds so yummy and pampering! I love that last photo! Such a great setting and perspective!

Jodi@ said...

I believe I may be making this tonight!!! thank you!! :o)

Jodi@ said...

question... does it matter if you use extra virgin olive oil or just regular olive oil?? :o)

Jen said...

Thanks for stopping in, Jodi, I'm glad you did! I used extra virgin olive oil, but no it wouldn't matter if you used just regular old olive oil. Thanks for the great question! ~Jen

Carmelle said...

Wow! I knew you would post some kind of awesome teacher gift idea...too bad I already did mine this year, but I will remember this for future! Thanks for the awesome idea, love it!

adventuresindinner said...

This was such a fabulous addition to our Pin'Inspiration party last week. Thanks so much for stopping by and hope to have you back this week. You are one of our features :-)