Dec 13, 2011

A Christmas Tablescape

 Christmas is coming!  We had a weekend full of Christmas get-togethers, and each one was so wonderful.  The Christmas spirit is absolutely overflowing in our home,
and I am loving each moment of it!  

The other night when Zach came home from work, the kids and I had set up a candle lit dinner.  It wasn't anything bizarrely fancy, but each one of us enjoyed the special supper.  Since then Bo and Addie have been asking for another "candle supper".  And really, who am I to say no?  In an effort to step it up a notch, here's the new centerpiece for tonight's dinner.

The runner is something I sewed a few years ago, it fits my piano perfectly, and lucky for me, it fits the table pretty nicely, too. 

Do you recognize the white base for my centerpiece?  I bought it at the thrift store back in September and gave it an autumnal makeover here.  I added fresh sprigs from our pine trees, a few pine cones, and a few of my snowy stars. See those white squares on either side of the centerpiece?  They're just a pair of picture frames that I popped the glass out of and added a trio of pine cones to each.

And lastly I wrapped some scraps of lace around a few jars and tucked them among the pine branches.  I can't wait to light the candles once it's dark outside, the snowy stars will sparkle and I'm sure supper will taste that much better.  

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Be blessed,


h. rae said...

How pretty! What a lovely table arrangement, Jen!

meijo's JOY said...

Love this! I'm hosting a World Creative Blog hop - please come and promote your blog and talent to the world!

Screaming Sardine said...

A candlelit dinner - what a great idea with the family. I love your arrangement - very festive and pretty.

Tracy Screaming Sardine

Aimee said...

Lace and Mason Jars are so meant to be together! Your tablescape is PERFECT!!!

Thanks for linking up to my party!
XO, Aimee from