Jan 9, 2012

Kitchen Floor Redo

As newlyweds, Zach and I started renovating an old one and a half story home together.  We completely redid the living room and one bedroom before we had our first child.  When I say redid, I really mean it, we completely gutted the room, put in new electrical, drywall, fixtures, flooring...everything.  After Boden was born we got to work on the second bedroom, the bathroom and the kitchen. Then we had Addie.   It was a ton of work, but the house was gorgeous in the end.  About two weeks before we listed that house for sale we finished all the little last minute projects like trim and such.  Though I did not always care for living in renovations, I remember that house fondly.

Our second home is very much like our first, it needed a lot of work when we bought it.  The basement had to be completely gutted, and there was updating needed...pretty much everywhere.  There was a wall paper border in every room, even in the closets, and there was some pretty fierce flooring throughout.  Slowly but surely we've been updating the house and just a couple of months ago we replaced the kitchen flooring.  I could not believe the difference neutral flooring made!  

Here's the before:

The process:

Rippin' out the old!
                One handy little helper!            Cleaned up and ready for something new!
The first few rows being installed!

The after:

We used laminate tile flooring, and for the most part it went in very smoothly.  We found that we couldn't click in an entire row of tiles at once, they just wouldn't stay in place.  So, Zach ended up tapping the tiles into place, one by one.  Just last week Zach finished up the last of the flooring, going down the stairs into our main entrance.  Again, oh the difference neutral flooring can make! 

Next up on the docket is fresh white trim.  I don't know why, but we tend to run out of steam by the time we finish a room, so we procrastinate on the trim.  We've been trim-less for a full two years!  

Also on the to-do list for this winter: painting the boys' room.  When Judson was born, we moved him and Boden into the larger of the kid's bedrooms, and popped Addie into the smaller room.  Addie's room is all done, and as pretty as can be, but the boys are sleeping in her old purple and green room.  It's probably time to get a little masculinity on those walls and make it a true boys room.  It'll be a really fun project and I've already got more ideas than will fit in there.

Thanks for dropping in, come again soon!

Be blessed,

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Stacey said...

Your old flooring is much like ours ;) SO vibrantly gold, LOL! I hope to someday replace ours too, but I keep holding off in the hopes that we can redo our kitchen at the same time... wishful thinking?

h. rae said...

Wow! I love that new flooring! It really pops and looks so much nicer and cleaner!

Jen said...

Lol, Stacey, I think our houses are very similar! The great thing about laminate tile is that we can gently take it out, redo our kitchen, and put the flooring back once we're done. Plus, we got a smokin' deal on this flooring, so if it doesn't work to save it, I won't feel awful about wasting money.

Stacey said...

Hmmm... now you've got me interested in this laminate tile :) Wanna email me where you found it?

Amanda-The Sweet Details said...

is that hardwood under? Why didn't you keep that??

Jen said...

No Amanda, that is definitely NOT hardwood! If it were I'd have flipped my lid! No, that is the original base layer that was installed before flooring could be put in. Today builders would use plywood over the joists. There were many 1/4 to 1/2 inch gaps between the planks, it just wouldn't have worked for flooring.

Aimee - ItsOverflowing.com said...

Great job! Love it! Thanks for linking up!

XO, Aimee

adventuresindinner said...

I live in a Frankenhouse too. Always morphing and always another room waiting for a gut :-)