Jan 25, 2012

Sweet Valentine's Day Canvas

I've never been much of a Valentine's day kinda girl, it's such a manufactured holiday...and, well, it's kinda lame!  Last year though, I decided it would be fun to Valentine's-it-up with a candle lit dinner for my happy little family.  Everyone loved it.  Like, loved it, loved it.  It was such a highlight for me, that I've been looking forward to Valentine's day for weeks now, planning my menu, the special decorations, and some other fun things for my crew.  I can't wait!

So, in preparation for our special Valentine's day dinner, I made this quirky canvas with just a few things from around the house.

I grabbed one 11x16" canvas I snagged from the dollar store awhile back and painted it with thick purple-grey stripes.  I used some paint I had leftover from another project, and added in some white craft paint to lighten it up a little bit.  Really you can do this however you please, I didn't want perfectly sharp lines, so I lightly drew with pencil on the canvas, then freehanded with the paint...I obviously do not have a perfectly study hand, which suited me just fine for this task!

Once my canvas was painted and dried, I sketched out my graphic on a large piece of craft paper.  I sketched it on backwards so there would be no pencil smudges on the good side.  Once everything was just the way I wanted it, I carefully cut the design out with a craft knife.  Oh, and remember: the simpler the design, the easier it is to cut out later!

I cut the excess paper away from my design and was left with a long strip of paper.  I then cut out a long strip of lacy fabric, just a hair narrower than my strip of paper.  I sprayed the wrong side of the paper with spray glue, then laid it onto the right side of my lacy fabric.  

A side note about spray glue:  
I almost always inadvertently spray part of my arm or hand 
when using spray glue and man, is that stuff hard to get off!  
Use caution!  And use it only in a well ventilated area!

 Next I took my now lacy design, and sprayed the back side of it with spray glue, then applied it to my painted canvas.  I wrapped the excess lace and paper around the back of the canvas, trimmed the extra long pieces and hot glued it all in place.

And there it is!  An original piece of Valentine's art, quirky and totally personalize-able!  I really like that mine is not done in typical V-day colors, though it would be oh-so-charming in classic pink and red.
What are your Valentine's day plans?  Any must-have treats?  Any fun traditions?

Thanks for checking in, I'm sure glad you did!

Be blessed,

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Lesley at Fabulously Flawed said...

I am so making these! What a great idea!

Sailing with bare feet said...

So cute! I love it !!


Amy said...

This is adorable! Love how it turned out! I just found your blog through the Whipperberry party and I'm so glad I did! I'd be thrilled if you'd share this fun project at my Friday party too!


Nat and Holly said...

This is perfect! I love the color combo, the stripes with an ombre effect... just beautiful. I am so glad you invited me to your party :) Thanks!

Between U & Me said...

Oh geez! This is so stinkin' cool! I love the color combo, the lace, the canvas, the cute "i <3 u"! I love it all! Thanks for sharing at the Crazy Cute Party! :D

Christine said...

I LOVE it!!!!!! SOooooo Nice!!

Thanks for linking up From Dream To Reality at thediydreamer.blogspot.com :)

Amy said...

Featured you on the One Artsy Mama facebook page today!

city said...

nice idea..thanks for sharing...