Feb 13, 2012

Head to Head Showdown Winner #3

Hey All!  So???  What were your thoughts on the voting poll?

I liked it.  I think it would be even more fun with...ahem...a few more votes!  But all in time, right?  So, are you curious to hear who the big winner was?  Yeah?  Then I won't put it off any longer!

Drum roll please!

Taking the top spot for our third round of the final Showdown is.............
............The fabulous Kitchen Dresser from Meg and Mum's!   

Oh. My. Goodness.  If you haven't been by Meg and Mum's, you've just got to put it at the top of your list.  Megan, the gal behind the blog, has an unbelievable eye for refinishing furniture.

Just take a look at this table before Megan got her hands on it:

There's nothing really wrong with the table, it's just so very heavy and traditional.  And after?  Just check it out:

Oh, the gorgeousness!

Megan's attention to detail and finish for each piece she completes leaves me slack-jawed.  Here's a well worn coffee table before:

And after, you'll find this stunning ottoman.  Ugh, I'm drooling right now!

And then, there's just the vast array of other marvelous projects Meg has taken on and completed with gorgeous style!


Be sure to stop by Meg and Mum's and check out here inspiring gallery!

And Meg, I proudly present you with the winner button for the Head to Head Showdown!  Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful projects with us!

Be blessed,

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Anonymous said...

Far out brussel sprout! What a lovely surprise! Thank you so very much for putting me in top spot and for your awesome parties! Xx