Feb 9, 2012

In The Works: My Plan For Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is next week!  Yikes, February is screaming by!  I've wanted to share what I'm doing with my family for Valentine's Day for awhile now. but I don't want to make the meal and all that before the actual day.  So instead, I'll share with you my plan now, and I'll show you the reality later...we'll see how close I can come to achieving my plan!

After the kids are in bed on the 13th, I plan on decorating the house with all kinds of Valentine's-y goodness, so when they wake up in the morning it will be a fun surprise.

For the table:  I'd like to do some fun crafts with Boden and Addie, like these sweet heart-covered candle holders below.  I think we'll make a bunch of these to use as our centerpiece for our dinner together.

Dinner:  We'll be doing a dinner of hearts...if I can make it in a heart shape, or add hearts to it, I will!

I'm also thinking we'll do some fresh veggies on the side, hopefully also cut into hearts.

Drinks:  I had the presence of mind to buy a bottle of that fancy sparkling fruit juice that comes in a champagne bottle last time I went grocery shopping.  The kids will love that!  If I'd have really planned ahead, I would have planned on doing this fun looking drink from Delia Creates:
Dessert: There are a million gorgeous Valentine's themed desserts out there...and my plan is to combine a few of my favorite ideas.  Here's my inspiration:

And that's the basic plan for our Valentine's Day together as a family!  I think it'll be really fun to get all dressed up for a special dinner with a few of my favorite people!  I'm already looking forward to sharing all the highlights with you all! 

Thanks for stopping in!

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