Mar 14, 2012

Guest Post: The Party Works

Today Lisa from The Party Works is here to share some fun party ideas for children's birthday parties.  Welcome here, Lisa!  Thanks for visiting!  ~Jen

Craft Ideas for Children’s Birthday Parties

If you’re a mom who loves crafting, you probably love crafting with your kids too. One of the best ways to have a successful birthday party is to plan out activities ahead of time. If you keep the party structured, the kids will be less likely to get into trouble.

Some of the most enjoyable party activities for kids involve making crafts. Most schools don’t dedicate as much time to arts and crafts as they used to. So, kids jump at the opportunity to express themselves creatively. If you want to make crafting a central focus of your child’s birthday party, here are five fun craft ideas for kids:

1. Cookie Decoration

All you need are some sugar cookies, icing of different colors, and sprinkles for this activity. The kids will love to make their own cool looking cookies and then eat them.

2. Make Your Own Funny Sunglasses

You just need inexpensive plastic sunglasses, craft glue, confetti, buttons, seashells, and sequins for this activity. The kids can glue the flair onto their sunglasses and be as creative as they want when it comes to designing their own shades.

3. Origami

Some pretty paper and a few origami instruction books is all you need for this activity. The kids can have fun for hours making their own paper cranes, frogs, and other paper animals. This isn’t necessarily always the best activity for kids who have a lot of energy. Origami requires a fair amount of attention and patience, and it’s often considered a better activity for girls’ parties than for boys’ parties.

4. Card Decoration

This activity gives the kids a chance to draw and make something nice for a family member or friend. You may want to give the kids some construction paper and markers for this activity. Or you could get some watercolors or finger-paints for them to decorate the cards with for some extra pizazz.

These are just a few of the easy crafts you can try out with kids at your child’s next birthday party. Depending on the age of the children, crafts can be more or less advanced. No matter what crafts you decide will work for your child’s party, the kids are sure to love them. And you should be proud for encouraging creativity!

About the Author: Lisa is a mom and guest writer. She writes a variety of online content about raising children, married life, and even things like Super Mario party supplies.


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