May 21, 2012

Adding Some Sunshine To My Kitchen

There is a spot above my kitchen sink that i just do not like, at all.

There is an exposed electrical box up there, intended for wiring in a clock, something not all that uncommon for a 60's bungalow like mine.  The problem is, not only do I not have a clock to mount up there...I don't want a clock hanging up there.  So I'm left with the problem of covering up this unsightly mess.

In fall I've got a lovely autumnal spray to hang up there, over Christmas and most of winter I had a green garland with burlap ties hanging around the tops of my cupboards, but I haven't had anything to fit the space for spring/summer.

So last week I finally decided to do something about it!  A few weeks ago one of the ladies from my church very generously gave me boxes and boxes of craft supplies she wasn't using anymore.  She and her husband were moving to a new house and downsizing along the way, so she thought I could make use of her crafty treasures.  What a great blessing!  In all the boxes of supplies she passed my way, there were many, many, many bottles of craft paint, paint brushes, and wooden cutouts to paint.  So I grabbed a good sized wooden rectangle, a brush and some paint and got to work creating a little something to brighten up my kitchen and to cover up that ugly little box.  

I painted my wood a gorgeous sunshiney yellow.  I only did one coat (and I didn't bother priming) because I wanted the wood grain to peek through.  Then penciled in "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day" using some fonts I found online as inspiration.  I just free handed the letters onto my sign, but you could easily use a stencil to do this if you'd want.

"I've got" and "on a cloudy day" I filled in with gray paint, and "sunshine" I painted bright white.  Once all my paint was thoroughly dried I roughed it all up with sand paper, sprayed it with clear coat, attached hooks and a wire to the backside, and I was done!

Now my kitchen has a bright note of sunshine above my kitchen sink.  Every time I look at that sign, I'm reminded of all the blessings I have, and how very much I love my children.  It's just what I needed!

Be blessed,

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h. rae said...

Very cute, Jen! So bright and fun! You're always up to something wonderful, aren't you? :)

Hope you are well and wishing you a wonderful day!

twelve-O-eight said...

I love your sign! Super cute, you are very blessed with talent :)

Jody and Stan said...

I love your sign. Just found your blog and love it!
New Follower.


Ioana-Carmen said...

Love the blog - so maybe we can follow each others blog!? ;)

The Clothes Maiden said...

i love your blog, found you through making 5 strand bracelets, such a great idea!! xo

Sebastian Chuter said...

One of the wonderful ideas I have ever seen today! Too sunshine and I love the yellow in your kitchen. Thanks for sharing, I think I’m going to make one for my garden. Cool!

Sebastian of
Tropical Life Style

Andrew Crowder said...

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