Feb 8, 2011

A Declaration of Love

I'm not huge on the whole Valentine's Day decorating thing.
Sorry, I'm just not.

But, I had a little idea pop into my head earlier this week,
and it just so happens to jive with the incoming Valentine's Day...
so here goes nothing!

I'm trying to personalize our home more.
We've been here for over a year, and a lot of walls are still bare.
There isn't a whole lot of "us" in our house.

So off to the back yard I went, through the snow and to the wood pile I went.
I found just the piece of wood I wanted and brought it inside to thaw out.

For this project you'll need:
-one mid-size piece of cut wood
-a carving knife (I used an old pair of scissors that I don't care about)
-a felt tipped marker (optional)

Start by brushing off your piece of wood. You'll want it free of as much dirt
and loose bark as possible to avoid making a huge mess on your dining
room table. My wood log didn't have much bark left on it, though this would
be just lovely with a bark covered log too.

Find the "face" of your log.
Shift it around, look for the best looking side to showcase your artwork.
I then used a pencil to lightly trace what I wanted to carve, don't worry
if you don't follow this line exactly, you can go over it with an eraser
later and no one will know!

Start carving!
This sounds difficult, but I was pleasantly surprised that this
took me less than ten minutes with my old pair of scissors.
Remember this shouldn't be perfect, it's supposed to be rough and simple.

After I was done carving, it didn't stand out like I'd envisioned, so I grabbed
one of my kids brown markers and just very lightly went over my carved letters.
I didn't want to fill them with the ink, just highlight them.

Before and after using a felt tipped marker to highlight the carving.

And that's that. This couldn't be simpler, or sweeter.
The perfect declaration of love for an understated Valentine's Day
kind of family. I'm so excited to see what my husband thinks
when he gets home from work.

Thanks for popping by! Happy carving!


Renee said...

Love it Jen! What did Zach think? :)

Jen said...

Thanks Renee! Zach really liked it! I smile every time I look at it, it's a nice way to add a touch of romance to our living room, in a very sweet way. The pics don't quite show it off the way I'd like, but this is the best I could get.

Stacey said...

<3 your blog!
Stopping by from:

Jen said...

Thanks Stacey!