Mar 6, 2011

A little switch up

Hey y'all!

If you've wandered onto my blog today you'll probably notice a few changes going on.  I'm trying to add a little personality and style to my blog page...but I tend to make things like this look worse before they look better.  So, please be patient with me while I reorganize and revamp a few little things here.  Things should be back to normal (or better) by the end of today and we'll be back to business tomorrow.  

In the mean time, I'll be here at home, freaking out because it looks like I just completely screwed up my whole blog and don't know how to make it pretty again.  Yikes!  

If nothing else have a laugh at this picture...isn't it great?!?

Thanks for your patience and be sure to pop by tomorrow for my first Make A Mess Monday!


Marilyn said...

lol--I noticed earlier today and wanted to say I love it, but I didn't know where to post my comment and not have it related to something else like underneath a post for something --so I'm really glad you posted this.. ;)) I absolutely love the blog banner.. ;))

Marilyn said...
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Marilyn said...

ps--I realllllly loved the other part of the banner from before that had "can't stop crafting", was funny to pop at you when you first visit your blog.. lol - yes I lol's when I read it and the sequence of the words.. ;))

Jen said...

Thanks Marilyn! As always, it's so lovely to see you here! I felt like my blog was a little...drab. I like things simple and clean, but needed to dress up my space a little bit. So far, so good!