Mar 28, 2011

*Make A Mess Monday* Cupcake Liner Flowers

What. A. Weekend.
Do you ever make it to a Monday morning and wonder where the weekend went?  That's me right now.  The weekend disappeared far too fast and now we're on to Monday morning and I feel like I'm running behind already.  After a rude awakening this morning (baby spit up down your shirt, anyone?) and all the other chaos that generally grips our home, I'm not feeling overly optimistic about this week.

Time to have a little attitude check!  My kids will be down for naps and quiet time in just a few that equals some "me time", do I love "me time", a lot.

So, with all that said, I'll just go ahead and share what Addie and I did this weekend and hopefully we can inspire and encourage some of you to do the same!  Without further ado, Make a Mess Monday!!!

We went for a walk this weekend, hoping to see some fresh spring growth...but there was not much to see.  We did see a lot of this though:

And this:

 What?  Can't you see it?  That's a leaf bud on a branch...really, it's right there!
And this:

So while the boys were napping on Sunday afternoon, me and Miss Addie got to work making some paper flowers from cupcake liners and lollipop sticks.  One of my Aunts snagged a huge bag of cupcake liners in all kinds of different patterns and sizes for me last year.  Seriously, there are more liners in there than I'll use in the next decade, so I decided to go ahead and use some of these cute springy ones for our flowers today.  These are mini-liners, though you could use regular sized ones as well.

We made a few different styles. 

1.  The Daffodil

This one is really simple, just flatten one cupcake liner, and scrunch a second on up a little bit. 

Glue them together and glue the flower to the lollipop stick.

2.  The Poppy

This was my favorite style.  Flatten one of the liners.  Fold four more liners into quarters. 

Glue the quarters onto the flattened liner and glue a gemstone, button, or pom pom for the flower center.  Glue the flower to a lollipop stick.

3. The Daisy
(Oops, forgot to take a picture of this one in the works!)
Another very simple style.  Flatten one liner and gently fold it in half, don't fully fold the liner to create a crease.  Cut slits every 1/2" around the outer edge of the liner, stopping about an inch from the center.  Embellish the center with a pom pom and glue to the lollipop stick.

4. The Hydrangea

For a large blossom I used 8 liners.  I pulled each liner over my thumb, forming it into a bell shape.

Then, starting with two shaped liners I glued them together at the base, adding liners until I was pleased with the shape.  Add a lollipop stick and you're good to go.

 Pictured from left to right: Poppy, daisy, daisy, daffodil, hydrangea, hydrangea, poppy
Now all you've got to do is "plant" them!  Wouldn't these be great popping out of mud pies?!?
Well, I hope you're seeing signs of spring outside already, but if not you can always supplement with these sunny, cheerful flowers that are a snap to put together with the kiddos.  As always, thanks for coming by!
Be blessed,


Marilyn said...

.really, it's right there! <--LOL.. LOVE LOVE!! Heehee, it's always so refreshing to read your blog.. I love the humour and creativity mixed in.. So adorable Jen, what an artsy creative idea... LOVE IT!! ;))

Jess @ Peanut to Princess said...

These are too cute! Such a simple and fun project :)


Jen said...

Thanks Ladies! Jess, it's so great to see you here, thanks for coming by! Marilyn, I'm always smiling when I'm reading your comments. Always glad to provide a laugh!

At Home With Michelle said...

How cute are these. They are absolutely adorable. I love them, might try and do these for the Mother and Daughter banquet at our church in early May, and give to the moms. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my pizza cassarole. I am your newest follower, and hope you will follow me too:)

Jen said...

Yay Michelle! These would make such sweet (and affordable) little gifts for your upcoming tea! Be sure to send a couple of pics if you do! Thanks for following!