Mar 2, 2011

Mr. Cool Boys Shirt

This morning I tackled a quick and easy project that is GREAT for beginners or even the no-sew types out there.  And, it's budget friendly too, using scraps of some old t-shirts and some good old HeatnBond, you can crank this one out in no time at all! 

I started out with a t-shirt I bought for Boden, my oldest, on sale at Wal-Mart a few weeks ago.  Then I raided the closet and found some old shirts that had gotten a little tired.  Come on, I know we aren't the only ones with shirts that have holes, unsightly stains, or have grown perhaps a little...snug.  

Cut a large square from one of the old t-shirts you found and iron on a piece of HeatnBond according to the package directions.  Then, trace and cut a circle, whatever size looks right to you.  I think I made mine a little big, but it still looks great on Bo.  

I ironed another piece of HeatnBond on a contrasting fabric scrap and traced my lettering on the backside.  Remember to trace it backwards, so when you flip it over to iron it on your base circle it will be correct. 

Then, either using clip art, or just sketching it out, draw a pair of sunglasses, or any other embellishment that would suit your little guy and trace that onto a third piece of HeatnBond backed fabric.  

Next arrange and iron the letters and embellishment onto the base circle. 
Iron the base circle onto your t-shirt.

I used the ultra-hold HeatnBond, so it could be no-sew if you like, but I wanted the extra security, so I stitched around the edge of the circle, around the sunglasses, and each letter.  This took a few minutes, but it's super easy sewing since nothing shifts, there are no seams, and no pins involved.  

And that's it!  Boden loves his new shirt, he was so excited to try it on!

Can you tell he liked it?

This was such a fun, quick project for me this morning, and the options to personalize this are endless!
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Marilyn said...

Hahaaha - how absolutely ADORABLE.. I LOVE IT!! So unique and cool! Too cute Jen..

Jen said...

Thanks Marilyn! Bo thinks it's pretty awesome!

Sachiko said...

How cute! I love the pictures of him, such a cute model!

Jen said...

Lol! Thanks Sachiko, boys are too much fun!

To Sew With Love said...

really great and fun idea to spruce up a boy's shirt!

Jen said...

Thank you!

Ginger said...

How cute! Thanks for linking up to Mad Skills Monday!