Apr 18, 2011

*Make A Mess Monday* Sink or Swim

Today's activity for Make A Mess Monday is a really simple, relatively low mess, experiment that is great for toddlers and preschoolers.
 To start, you'll need a large basin filled about half-way with room temperature water, a large towel as well as a hand towel, and a whole bunch of random water proof items.  

First we laid out our large towel and placed our basin of water on it.  You know there's going to be some sort of spillage when it comes to kids playing around with water, may as well be prepared for it!  

It was really interesting to hear the kids' guesses about which items would sink and which would float.  Item by item we guessed then dropped it into the water to see what would happen.  

We tried a  little plastic bowl, a hotwheels car, a loonie, a plastic chain, a little elephant from my friend in Vietnam (Hi Melissa!), a keychain ring, and a bunch of other random little objects from around our house.

Then, of course, we tested how much weight our little plastic bowl could hold.  The bowl ended up holding everything we had tested, the kids loved seeing the little boat float around the basin!

Once we tested everything I had found for the sink or float experiment, Boden wanted to collect his own set of items to see if they could float.  He had a lot of fun testing his toys, and of course playing with them in the water!  

By the time it was all said and done, there was a little bit of water splashed around, but the kids had a lot of fun and it was a quick and easy clean up.  

I wish I'd have thought to do this back in January when it was -40 and we were sick of being indoors!  This would have been a great winter activity.  Oh well, we'll definitely do this again next winter!

Be blessed,


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h. rae said...

Such a cute idea that makes them think and keeps them occupied and having fun! Hope you're having a wonderful day, Jen!