Apr 4, 2011

*Make A Mess Monday* Thank You Cards

Welcome here!  I hope you each had a wonderful weekend.  Ours passed by far too quickly, but the time we had together was fun and full of laughter. 

First off, just look at what happened here yesterday: 

Ugh!  So much snow! 

And secondly, check this out:

My braided pearl necklace got featured on Petite Hermine!  I am super excited about that!

On to today's Make A Mess Monday!

Did you know that April is National Letter Writing Month?

I didn't either until I read it on a blog I like to pop by, An Original Belle.  One thing I really enjoy doing, is sitting down and writing out a thank you note for someone who has done something above and beyond for me.  After I had my babies, when friends brought meals by, I was sure to take the time to write out a card of thanks and send it off to each of them.  I think it's the least I could do for the thoughtfulness they showed me and my family.  

So when we got home from dinner and an evening with family friends yesterday, and my four year old son was so sad that he'd forgotten to say thank you the way he'd wanted to, I knew what we would be up to today.  

Using a bunch of old scrapbooking supplies I had on hand, Bo, Addie and myself got to work crafting some original and thoughtful thank you cards for our wonderful hosts.  

Addie + Scissors = Me hyperventilating....it's easier if I just don't watch!

Boden concentrating on cutting his card out

Addie's finished card

Boden holding his finished card

All addressed and ready to send off in the mail...we just need to get some stamps!

The kids were thrilled to have free reign with supplies I normally shy away from letting them use.  They loved using my "Thank You" stamp and all kinds of little stickers and pins that I've had in my stash unused for far too long.  

All in all, it was a great morning and a great lesson for my little ones.  I hope your Monday is coming along fantastically, as always, thanks to each of you for stopping by!

Be blessed,


Marilyn said...

So awesome.. Love it.. : ) )

h. rae said...

Thanks for the shout out, Jen! It sounds like you and the little ones had a fun morning. They look so happy and proud! I got out in my garden and tilled a bit and planted some onions. I don't have much energy due to CFS, and I'm thoroughly exhausted now, complete with headache. But it will be worth the pain come summer time.

I wish you a wonderful afternoon!

Jessica Sorensen said...

Cute kids. My Addi loves to use scissors. I am constantly cleaning up cut up pieces of paper. I feel more at ease when they are decorative scissors they seem to only cut paper.