Apr 25, 2011

A Spring Centerpiece

Whew!  What a crazy, crazy weekend!  We had a wonderful time catching up with a lot of family and friends, and of course there was plenty of fantastic food.

Since the weekend was so packed full, I just didn't have time to get all the little stuff done, so there's no new project to go up for you this morning.  However, a few weeks ago I was featured over at The ArtsyGirl Connection, and I figured I'd repost that project here now, in case any of you missed it.  My little spring centerpiece was a blast to put together, and super quick too, I hope you enjoy!

 I'm a big believer in not spending a whole lot of money on making your house look great, so if you don't have exactly the same items that I used, improvise and find your own flair to make your centerpiece sing!  

I started with this green bubbly vase I bought at the thrift store a couple of weeks back (my husband thinks it's hideous, but it reminds me of my great-grandma so I had to have it), some trimmings from a tree in my backyard, some painted dollar store birdhouses, and a little of this and that from around my house.  

I arranged my branches into a bouquet and tied them together to give them stability.  I placed them in my vase, and to keep them in place, I poured in a bunch of old dried beans I bought months and months ago to make beanbags for my son.  

Stashed away in my craft closet I had some dollar store bouquet filler that I took apart and wrapped the individual sections around my branches.  I'm sure many of you have branches that are already budding and covered with lush greenery...but we're not quite there yet, so my branches needed a little help.  

I found these cute little unfinished birdhouses at my local dollar store and couldn't resist!  I painted them and distressed them using the same dry brushing technique I used here, for refinishing my wooden candlesticks.

I hung my little birdhouses in my branches, using raffia to tie them in.  I also tied little bits of raffia here and there throughout my branches to fill them out a little bit more.  My branches were still a little bit wobbly, so I took the last of my raffia and stuffed it around the base of the branches, into the vase.  I really like how this looks almost nest-like, plus it's really stuffed in there, so my branches aren't going anywhere!

I set up my centerpiece along with some candles and a pretty table runner out in our sunroom.  Now I'm all set to enjoy the spring season, indoors and out!

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter.  Thanks for reading!

Be blessed,


Marilyn said...

One Of My FAV posts : ) ) .. Hope you and the family had a terrific Easter Jen : ) )

h. rae said...

I saw this over there and thought it was darling!

A Cup of Sparkle said...

WOww. you are very crafty. Looks great.