May 27, 2011

I Heart Garage Sales

We're waist deep in birthday party planning here.  Bo's big day is one week from today and I'm trying to do as much ahead of time as possible so I'm not freaking out on his birthday.  I'm so excited for him, this will be his first birthday party with some of his friends over.  He's going to have so much fun!  I can't wait to show you all how the party went and to spill all the details of how we put it all together.

All winter long  I dream about garage sales.  Seriously, I love me some garage sale action.  I buy most of my kids clothes at garage sales, each season I stock up for the following years wardrobe.  It's genius really, I get great looking brand name clothing for a fraction of the price.  Plus I don't feel so terrible when my messy kids ruin a piece of clothing if I bought it for 50 cents verses 5 dollars.  

I've gotten to hit up a couple of garage sales over the last couple of days and I thought I'd share a couple of my bargains with you, my lovely readers.

Pay no attention to the picture in that 12 x 12" frame, that will be changed, pronto.  And those four decorative  brackets?  Those will be hit with a coat of paint in no time!  I also scored four rubber stamps for the kids to craft with, they'll love it I'm sure.  

The total?  $1.85

Not too shabby.

I also picked up a nice little wooden train set.  It's got a ton of track pieces to switch things up.  I'm not going to risk taking a picture though, I don't want the kids to see it'll probably be one of their Christmas gifts. The train set ran me $7.00

And lastly, I found a bunch of kids clothes for this coming fall/winter. I bought Addie three dresses, one tank top, one long sleeved winter shirt, one pair of shorts for next year, a pair of rubber boots and a pair of slip in flats.  Bo got a button up Sunday shirt as well as a long sleeved winter shirt, and Jud got a pair of play sweats.  I paid $5.25 for the whole shebang.  

I'm so excited about getting those decorative brackets made-over, I think they'll look great.  Don't worry, I'll share the end result with all of you!  I've got all kinds of fun tutorials and posts up my sleeve for the next couple of weeks, so be sure to check back on the action! 

Have a wonderful weekend!
Be blessed,

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Marilyn said...

Jeeeeeeen :)) We oughta go thrrifting sometime..On the road.. Jus wanted to say hello.. Happy Bday planning ;))