Jun 6, 2011

The Birthday Bash

Oh.  My.  Goodness. 
What a weekend!
I had such a hard time waking up and getting moving this morning, the weekend totally wore me out!

On Friday we had Boden's birthday party, and it went really great.  We had three very energetic and excited little friends come over to help Boden properly celebrate turning five.  The party theme was "Treasure Hunter", and it was so much fun to put everything together.

Let me share an overview of the whole shebang.

The invitations:

The invitations read:

Boden the Treasure Hunter
is going on a big treasure hunt
for his 5th birthday
and he needs your help!

Come to Boden's house on
Friday, June 3rd
for 4:00-6:30
to hunt for hidden treasures
and have lots of fun!

Please wear clothes you can get dirty
'cause hunting for treasures can get messy!

The Food:

We kept things super simple and went with hot dogs curly fries, and watermelon.  Boden chose the paper plates and napkins, how patriotic, eh?  Pun intended!

And the birthday cake was also a simple play on the treasure hunting theme, with treasure map trails winding their way around the cake.  To make it just a little more special I made it a rainbow cake inside, and that was a lot of fun.  

The Activities:

We planned out a fun little treasure hunt for the boys.  I even drew up a little treasure map for them to follow.

They started by digging into a pile of sand we had on our driveway (long story, don't ask).  Hidden inside the sand pile was a treasure belt I'd sewn for each of the boys.

 From there they trekked to the backyard to do a little more digging.  Hidden in the sandbox was a flashlight for each of them.

Following the map, they used their flashlights to crawl through the dark tunnel.

At the end of the dark tunnel was a patch of goutweed, hidden among the leaves was a little fishing net for each of them.

 Can you spot the fishing net?
 There it is!

And finally, they took their nets and fished for treats in the kiddie pool!

 The treasure hunt was great fun and a highlight for all our guests.  Unfortunately, it was over in about 10 minutes!  After that we let the boys run and play while I got supper on the table.  

I didn't get a lot of pictures of the boys on the treasure hunt and playing, it all happened so fast!  I'm kicking myself that I didn't have them all line up and take a picture of them in their little belts with all their loot.  They were so excited to take home their very own flashlights and nets.  The belts and loot doubled as their "Thanks for coming" bags, and I think each of the boys were just fine with that!

When it was all said and done, Zach and I both could have collapsed out of exhaustion.  Wow.  Who knew four 5 year olds could be so crazy?!  We all had so much fun though, and I learned a few things about how I'll do parties for kids in the future.  I'm so glad Boden had a fun time and got to celebrate with his little buddies.  

I'll share a quick tutorial on making the little treasure hunting belts later this week if you're interested.

Be blessed,

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zach said...

this is great

Rachael @ The Little Birdie said...

What a fun party idea!! I bet they had a blast! Makes me want a little boy... :) Thanks for inviting me over Jen, I'm your newest follower!