Jul 6, 2011

{Three Things} Summer Edition

 Summer is finally in full swing out here.  We're enjoying the sunshine and all the fun that goes with it. For my little family there are three things that are synonymous with the summer months.

1.  We run in the sprinkler, thrilled with each drop of water that cools our skin.

2. We eat snack outside, then run in the sprinkler to wash all the sticky snack crumbs away.

3. The kids enjoy bare toes.  I am loving watching Judson discover how the grass tickles his unseasoned little soles.  I remember going shoeless any chance I got as a child, and it's so much fun watching my little ones do the same.

What are three things that say "summer" to you?

Be blessed,


janet said...

Oh Jen...this brings back so many great memories of my two boys when they were little.

They are 28 and 30 now ;-<

Thanks for visiting me

Janet xox

Marilyn said...

Jen - this totally made me smile.. LOVE LOVE it.. : ) ) Awww.. so cute...

Jen said...

Thanks ladies! Janet, I just can't imagine my kids being all grown up! It's such an intense phase, it's hard to see the long term picture. My oldest is five years old, and that has flown by, I can't imagine looking back when he's 30!