Jul 17, 2011


Hello, I Can't Stop Crafting readers!

What. A. Week.  We are in full blown recovery mode here after a busy week of swimming lessons and a lot of out and about.  I hardly had time to sit!

With all the coming and going and running around, I have not had one moment to get a project done, so I've got absolutely nothing to share with you all today.  Sorry :(

I think I'm going to extend my little blog vacation an extra week to help my poor, poor house recover and to get a few projects done to share with you.  

Thanks for your patience and understanding,

Be blessed,


Marilyn said...

Awww, miss ya Jen.. Hope the lil swimmers are enjoing every bit of it... Are you joining in the photo challenge today..? Link up pweeease.. Its "colorful" for theme :))

Thrifty Crafty Girl said...

We had swim lessons for the kids a few weeks ago and it really does throw your whole routine into a tailspin! Enjoy your 'recovery' time!

Lolly Jane said...

Hey Jen! I know Kelli's SUPER glad swim lessons are done with her kiddos! lol Enjoy the recovery and catch up on simple R&R :)

PS: Love your kids names. Cute! Also my 1 yr. old is at the same stage of your youngest... most recently trying to taste grass from the irrigation! Gross!

Jen said...

@ Lolly Jane, grass from the irrigation? That is NASTY! Thankfully they have strong little immune systems and seem (somewhat) normal still, right? And, thanks, kids names are SO hard to choose!

We are having a wonderful week off, enjoying the sunshine and being lazy.

See you all soon!