Aug 23, 2011

I'm Back!

Hey y'all!  Missed me?

I've been off having a few summer adventures and completely ran out of time to leave a little note for all of you.  Sorry for leaving you hanging!  But, no worries, I'm back on my home turf, and had a wonderful time jetting off to the west coast of Canada to visit a dear friend of mine.  

I just wanted to leave a little note, thanking each of you for stopping in and leaving your encouraging words.  I'm going to be taking a little blogging break until mid-September.  I'll be using the time to savor the last few weeks before Bo starts Kindergarten, and to work ahead on a few bloggy projects.

Thanks, and as always, be blessed,


Marilyn said...

MISSED YA JEN.. Glad to have you back.. Can't wait to hear all about your summer adventures.. Hope all is well with you and your family. :))

Jen said...

Thanks Mar, I'm missing all my great bloggy friends! I might just drop in for a little visit here soon! Talk to you soon!