Sep 6, 2011

A Fall Centerpiece

Well Folks, we're gearing up for Kindergarten here, officially starting next week.

I'm nervous.

I'm not so sure about this "sending my child away for half a day" thing.  It seems...weird.

I'm sure we'll all adjust just fine, but until then the thought seems foreign to me.  

Anyway, to get my mind off that matter, how about a little craftiness?  Yes?  Okay.
So, I was at the thrift store last week, looking at some little decorative shelves when I spotted this...thing.  

I'm not sure what to call it.  I think it's intended to hold candles.  It's not a shelf, there's no hanging mechanism, and it's rather heavy, so I'm assuming it's some sort of candle holder.  Whatever, it was 50 cents, so I brought it home.

I just couldn't resist adding this photo with my chubby footed intruder!
Once I cleaned it, slapped on a coat of my fave paint, Rosie's Gardenia, and voila, fresh as a daisy!  

Now for the fun part, styling!  I came up with three different looks for my new...thing, all with a fall flair.

Look number one:

I used tiny little decorative stones to fill in the candle holder, added some larger polished stone and a few tea lights.  Then I placed the whole thing on my version of the Autumn Table Runner from Make It and Love It.

Look number two:

Keeping it simple, I popped some tealights into a few tissue-wrapped baby food jars and nestled them among some faux leaves on my candle holder.

Look number three:

For this look I kept the tealights in the baby food jars and arranged some fall foliage around them, playing around with it until I was pleased with the look.

And there you have it!  Three great options for a beautiful fall table.

I'll be coming around a little more often starting next week, until then,

Be blessed!


KristaDee said...

Love look #3. :)

Jen said...

Thanks KristaDee! And, thanks for stopping by!