Sep 19, 2011

A New Look for I Can't Stop Crafting

Happy Tuesday! 

So???  Did you all notice something a little different around these parts?  It's pretty obvious, so if you didn't notice, this might be your first time visiting.  If that happens to be the case, welcome!

I've just had a major overhaul done on the old blog, and doesn't it look just marvelous? H.Rae from An Original Belle did my blog up so pretty!

Side note:  If you've never stopped by An Original Belle, you must.  Amidst the stunning pictures and gorgeous blog design, Ms.Rae offers wonderful words of encouragement, wisdom and nostalgia.  For some reason, I always feel like such a lady while visiting her blog.  Go check it out, I'm sure you'll see what I mean!

H.Rae did such an amazing job, she was wonderful to work with, quick and professional too.  And, I gotta tell you...I am head over heels for my new blog look!  It's exactly what I was hoping for!  H.Rae is an extremely talented gal, bursting at the seams with good taste, and capability.  If you're interested in hiring her to do your blog design, go check out her portfolio here and her design form, here.  She won't let you down.

Feel free to poke around the blog, exploring all the pretty options!  I'll be back on Thursday to share how I turned an underused entryway closet into a storage mecca!


Amanda-The Sweet Details said...

oh i love the changes, so much more chic!!

h. rae said...

Jen, you're the sweetest! Thank you for such high recommendations and kind words about my own blog! I'm just happy you love the design so well! Your blog truly is gorgeous!

Best to you, my friend!

Marilyn said...

LOVE the changes Jen.. Absolutely fantastic.. I Love H.RAE :))