Oct 18, 2011


Generally my house is okay, it might be a little messy here and there, but nothing too extreme.  But I've been getting overwhelmed lately, I feel like I've been white-knuckling my way through the last number of months.  Just holding on as tight as I can to maintain some semblance of control and organization.  I h-a-t-e feeling that way.

I despise how embarrassed I get when someone unexpectedly drops by and my house is in shambles. 
I loathe the feeling of always cleaning, but never getting anything done. 
I am disgusted by the topsy-turvy organization that's taken over my home. 

And so, a month ago, with the encouragement of a dear friend, I started following the FlyLady method on keeping a clean home and an organized life.

After dipping my toes into the FlyLady way, starting with her Beginner BabySteps, I started to see a difference in my home, and my attitude.  FlyLady is a method of cleaning and organizing your home, taking one small step at a time, cleaning in zones, and keeping a simple routine.  It's simple and straight forward, and I like it. 

To be perfectly honest, the first time I stopped by her website, I got totally overwhelmed and discouraged.  It seemed like a lot of information, and I didn't know how to properly utilize it.  But with a little encouragement from my friend to just get started with the babysteps, not get caught up in perfection, and to give it a try, I dove in. 

And now, over a month later, I've completed the Beginner BabySteps, and am learning how to clean my home efficiently and effectively.  It's great!  I didn't tell Zach when I started, and he's noticed a major difference in our home, not only with the cleanliness-factor, but with my attitude.  I'm more easy going, and he's enjoying that. 

If you've struggled with a messy house and a disorganized way of tackling it, I'd strongly suggest giving the FlyLady method a try, what's there to lose?

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Kyra said...

Great blog - love the ideas!

Thanks for stopping by caramelpotatoes.com- hope you found something delicious!

New gfc follower - hope you'll follow back!

Ellen said...

Keeping house is not at the top of my list either, but I know if I keep it picked up then cleaning day is easier!

Thanks for visiting me at A Season for All Things. I'm your newest follower adn look forward to reading more of your posts. ~ Ellen