Feb 16, 2012

Sweet & Spicy Popcorn

The other night I was cleaning up supper, bathing the kids, winding the house down for the evening....when I remembered that Boden was supposed to bring snack to school the next morning.  Ugh.  Of course.

So I started brain storming.  The snack needed to be made from what I had on hand, I certainly didn't want to go uptown with freshly pajama'd kids.  The snack also needed to be easy to package in little bags for each child, and at least a little bit healthy.

Then it hit me: popcorn!  I could make a light and tasty snack out of popcorn!

I started searching the internet for light popcorn recipes...and it was harder to find than I thought.  Many of the recipes had reviews saying how it was too sticky and chewy, not what I wanted to send to a class full of five year olds.  

But then I found this recipe on Allrecipes.com, and it was just what I had in mind!  Only a few ingredients, the delicious combination of sugar and cinnamon, and quick, too?  Perfect.

I tweaked the original recipe, just a little bit.  I eliminated the salt completely, since I was using salted butter and I didn't want the saltiness to overwhelm the sweetness. 

I used about a cup and a half of unpopped kernels for the whole recipe, and there was just enough of the butter mixture to pour over all of the popped corn so it was nicely seasoned without being too sugary.  

I also spread the popcorn evenly over two parchment lined baking sheets.  That way I could skip the cooking spray, and have really easy clean up.  

Yum!  I'll definitely be making this easy snack again!  And, at 62 calories per 1 cup serving, I don't feel guilty about sending it to a pack of energetic kindergarteners!

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