Apr 18, 2012

Vote, vote, vote! {part3}

It's that time again!  Round three of Sew-Vivor is up and running, and I would just l-o-v-e it if any and all of you would head on over to Family Ever After to vote for me, contestant #4!  

This week's challenge was a sew for charity challenge, and I created a couple of trendy baby hospital gowns for a little guy I know who has spent his whole life in the hospital.

Thanks for your support!


Miranda said...

So cool. I'm an RN and totally understand how awesome this will be both for the cute mama, and for those nurses to work with. Great concept and they turned out darling!!

Aimee - ItsOverflowing.com said...

SUPER SWEET! I'm off to check it out Jen!!! Xo, Aimee